Tas Capital

Tas Capital is a crypto and token fund. Investments and support for projects.

About us

In the world of cryptocurrency, a lot of projects have come up in the crypto space offering a wide range of unique use cases and utility. With the rapid growth of blockchain related projects across different networks, our team has decided to join the rally and become one of the early adopters of different cryptocurrencies. We had been involved in several different projects before we started building our own community that has led to the creation of TAS CAPITAL. We began investing in presales, meme and shitcoin projects before embarking our journey on private sales and partnerships. We are now a group of investors looking for crypto gems emerging in the market. Through our efforts and extensive research, the team managed to be part of several partnerships and investment opportunity that would help build the project in terms of funding, marketing and development.

Our core mission is to become a great supporter for ambitious founders in blockchain who are building the foundation of the decentralized web.



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